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Globally people are suffering, and medical personnel are heroes, so keeping a beloved coffee shop running would not necessarily be at the top of the list. However, this fundraiser isn't for the shop, but its people. Jim Hilson is adamant that he will not accept handouts for the business itself. This is only about raising funds for Saxbys team members to help them through this situation. 100 percent of what we raise will be distributed to them.

If just 400 of the caffeinated regulars commit $12 a week during the coronavirus shutdown, then crew members can have resources while the service industry is bottoming out. Of course we welcome larger gifts as well, but $12 is a sustainable amount for most of us. Surely among neighbors, students, and faculty/staff we can find 400 takers. So who's in? You can add your name to a list I'll post here or remain anonymous, whatever's your style (I'll write to you after you donate to get your preference). Just click the orange Join the Saxbys 400 button above to get started. After your first payment, I'll send everyone reminders to keep chipping in weekly until this shutdown ends.

PLEASE NOTE: This page was created voluntarily, as a way of being a friendly neighbor. No one at Saxbys requested it either locally or nationally. I just don't want to see great people suffer when so many of us have so much and can help out. I'm also collecting for and donating to Georgetown Ministry Center, SOME (So Others Might Eat), and Georgetown University Hospital, plus paying those who do contingent work such as housekeeping and personal training. I'm sure you are as well. But the Saxbys crew is vulnerable right now, and it would be great if we could lift them up.

To the alumni who left Georgetown before 2006 and have been asking, YES, this is the same spot where Sugars used to be.

THE SAXBYS 400 (Anonymous donors are identified by broad category)

  1. Georgetown humanities professor

  2. Carole Sargent

  3. Kitty Kelley

  4. Brad Hilson

  5. Shiva Subbaraman

  6. Mark Carl Rom

  7. Ayse Orellana 

  8. Madison Duval

  9. Georgetown SFS alum

  10. Erika Cohen Derr

  11. The Dolan Family

  12. Georgetown Government alum

  13. Georgetown STEM major

  14. Chris (B'06) + Alison (C'07) Vinciguerra

  15. Hilson family

  16. Colleen Girouard

  17. Maury Devine

  18. Georgetown SFS '74 alum

  19. Cyndi Munson

  20. Izzy Ferland and Jonathan Leo

  21. Jim and Sharon Hilson

  22. Fiona Stewart

  23. Georgetown Psychology major C21

  24. Justin Smith

  25. Georgetown University Journalism Professor

  26. Georgetown neighborhood judge

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