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These are just some of many ways that I am available to engage with faculty members on your campus.

One-Day Scholarly Publishing Seminar

Your faculty members will learn to publish more research in less time, with greatly reduced stress and a much better chance of being accepted by editors. Previous scholars have thoroughly tested these methods in my groups, and I personally guarantee results. You'll receive testimonials afterward from your own faculty about how well this system works in their busy professional lives.


  • OVERVIEW: This is primarily a seminar for your tenure-track faculty, and it is held on your campus. It is also suitable for any of your publishing research scholars with terminal degrees. I focus on high-impact publishing to meet and exceed the standards of Carnegie classifications. Your faculty members learn how it is ironically easier to go higher, and I make sure your faculty will understand every element as they learn to analyze publishers with great confidence. This seminar heightens scholarly productivity to improve campus and department rankings.

  • ARTICLES: Both beginning strategies and master moves for publishing in premier journals such as American Political Science Review, Personality and Social Psychology Review, American Historical Review, PMLA, and American Sociological Review, and how to make certain your research is ready for the scrutiny of peer review. Interesting insider politics on what really happens during peer review makes this an essential element for all scholars.

  • BOOKS: How to approach high-ranking university press editors at all publishers including Princeton, Oxford, Duke, Harvard, Georgetown, Columbia, Chicago, Yale, and Cambridge. Smart strategies for preparing a prospectus for any university press, and ways to submit that will cut months and probably years off of the publishing process.

  • IMPACT FACTOR: Bonus material for those institutions desiring a higher Carnegie research classification, or improved results in the Times Higher Education, Newsweek, or world rankings. Additional benefits supporting diversity, inclusion, and career-life balance. Advice for structuring your academic writing with teaching and service to respect the specific mission, research goals, and other important concerns articulated by your home department and campus.

Expert Advice on Hiring Someone in a Full-Time Position

Are you thinking of hiring a scholarly publishing expert in a full-time role? I advise you on every step from recruitment, hiring, and training all the way through to ongoing one-on-one support. You and I then discuss how to decide where the office should fit structurally in your campus hierarchy, what candidates will have the very best qualifications for this specialized work and how to find them, what the duties of a Scholarly Publications Director should be, and what key factors will convince your busy faculty members to participate.

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